Kimberly K. Parker

Kimberly K. Parker of Kimberly K. Parker International is truly an everyday woman. She enjoys being of service to others and loves the simplicity of life. Since 2005, Kimberly has written and published 15 books.  She has helped 83 people between the ages of six and 83 realize their dream of becoming published authors.

Kimberly earned her degree in Management Studies from the University of Maryland University College as well as TEFL, Grammar, and TKT certifications.  Kimberly is a Language Arts Teacher and an English as a Second Language Adjunct College Professor.  Additionally, she provides educational support to the home-schooled community as well as individual clients and corporations, facilitates workshops, and serves as a speaker for numerous events.

In 2014, Kimberly chose to live her dream and move to China to teach English.  In Kimberly’s fifth book, I Dream of China: A Glimpse At My Year In Asia, she chronicles her life-altering experiences and candidly shares her amazing encounters with people rich in culture, traditions, and values.

Kimberly resides in the beautiful state of Maryland with her husband, children, and father.


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  1. Joycelyn Lampkin

    Interested in learning new words and experience different ways of thinking I would love to be more educated and have wide variety of change in my life in other words I need help to make my life more interesting and become better person and explore new career and goals

    1. admin (Post author)

      Joycelyn, this is great to hear! Email me at so we can discuss your needs.


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