Discarding spelling tests is fast becoming a growing trend. Perhaps, we are not far from a time spelling tests may entirely (totally) become a strategy (method) of the past. While that thought saddens me a bit, I recognize it’s a means to an end, not an end itself. Therefore, I’m in support of multiple ways to ensure children and adults are afforded every possible opportunity to succeed at the spelling game.

Vocabulize: How to Maximzie Your Vocabulary at Any Age was written to provide people with options. By no means am I suggesting one should learn gigantic vocabulary words for the sake of solely dispensing them in daily language. Instead, I want them to experience the personal satisfaction that comes with having options.

For a limited time, if you pre-order a copy of Vocabulize, you’ll receive a free one hour online Lunch and Learn Course. Get your copy of Vocabulize today!

I Dream of China

I Dream of China

In 2014, Author Kimberly K. Parker embarked upon a life-altering experience when she moved to China to teach English. I Dream of China: A Glimpse at My Year in Asia carefully chronicles her encounters with people rich in culture, tradition, and values. Through both the pages of her journal as well as candid interviews, this trailblazer shares her amazing experiences and discoveries. Travel with her and read about a Chinese teacher’s views on the American education system, a group of student’s thoughts about the Ferguson events, and a very successful African American entrepreneur who made history in Zhenjiang!

Bold. Courageous. Visionary. These are words that describe Kimberly K. Parker! Kimberly has proven that a woman can have it all, if she has the proper support infrastructure in place. What an extraordinary example to women all over the world on how to follow one’s dreams!

Elder Nicole S. Mason, Esquire
Host, The Nicole Mason Show

Kimberly served as a positive influence in my decision to teach English in China. Her knowledge of the job market in China, and what was fair to accept as payment, helped make my decision to take the job.

Rachel Lamine, International Educator
Qingdao, Shandong, China

You can listen to the story behind the story by clicking this link.

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Since 2005, Kimberly K. Parker has written and published 15 books.  Some are inspirational in nature with sweet anecdotes and powerful poetry.  Others are technical with bold and colorful graphics that will surely arrest your attention.

To purchase any of these books, click here.

Books written by Kimberly K. Parker

Essay Book Front Cover FBKimberly has creatively discovered the correlation between a favorite American sport and an important life skill children can learn to love.  With just a little knowledge of the game of basketball, anyone can transform and essay into a great piece of writing!  Writing an Essay is Like Playing Basketball is a creative resource for parents and educators who want to make the writing process come alive for students.  Using colorful graphics and clear examples, this interactive workbook will show you how to build an effective essay easily and help you improve your writing skills.  Order here.





Out of the Mouths Daily Devotions Front CoverJoin Kimberly in Out of the Mouths of Babes: Daily Devotions from Our Greatest Teachers – an inspiring devotional based on the words of her children.  Kimberly transparently exposes her experiences to help you become a better person.  She encourages you to listen to your children and learn from them, for she believes they are our greatest teachers.  Every mother knows Bill Cosby and Art Linkletter had it right: “Kids Say the Darndest Things.”  Whether it’s a simple, “I love you, Mommy,” or a thought provoking insight on life from a child’s perspective, their words can have a powerful impact.  Order here.






I Am SomebodyI Am Somebody! seeks to provide children with knowledge of their spiritual and African ancestry.  To deprive them of such sends them on an unnecessary journey in search of their personal worth and value as human beings.  This book serves as a motivator as well as a confidence and faith builder.  More importantly, it gives children a sense of purpose.






Out of the Mouths of Babes CoverIn her first book, Kimberly encourages us to listen to what our children have to offer.  They speak the most innocent and precious words that either warm our hearts, make us think, or just make us laugh with delight!  Out of the Mouths of Babes: Spiritual Insights for Practical Living is a poignant account of a wife, mother, and good listener.  This book will have a powerful impact on anyone who has experienced fun, yet philosophical statements from children.  Kimberly draws the knowledge and experience that ultimately shed light on her life and its deeper meaning.  And, hopefully, you too will gain some spiritual insight out of the mouths of babes.




Books published by Kimberly K. Parker, Writing Momma Publishing, LLC

In the Midst of Greatness Blue Front Cover OnlyKhalil and Kalonji Parker have found a way to applaud just a few of the wonderful men who have personally touched their lives.  In the Midst of Greatness:  Celebrating the Men Who Impact My Life chronicles the extraordinary achievements and wisdom of ten remarkable men that have revolutionized the lives of the two young authors.  One of those men is the 44th President of the United States of America!  While many of their peers appear to be lost and confused, these brothers may be starting a tradition, a rite of passage that can cure the confusion and provide much needed direction.







Trailblazer Book Cover FrontTake a stroll with Ayana, Yamiya, Sequoia, and Brianna as they poetically reveal who they are and where they’re going in Trailblazers: Paving the Way Through Poetry.  Watch as each page beautifully unfolds their charm, humor, intellect, and truths.  When on thinks of a trailblazer, uncharted paths come to mind. Typically, a list of “firsts” is created, history is made in grand fashion, and unprecedented distinction is bestowed upon all who dare to tread down the “never before.”  This adequately describes the participants in this book.  Look both ways before crossing from one chapter to the next because these Trailblazers are definitely keeping it moving in the right direction.







Uniquely Me Front Cover OnlyUniquely Me:  A Collection of Poetry and Short Stories delves deep into the heart to three high school seniors who passionately share on life, love, and loss.  Just listen: “Live for today,” they say…not for tomorrow (though it may soon come).  Worry about now not what is to come later for “later” may never come, but a better you may.  Choose time wisely; count every blessing mindfully then smile widely.”  Never before have I seen such depth in a group of young writers!  Jasmine, Tonya, and Kristan are to be praised for allowing their unique gifts to shine on these pages.  Take an intimate journey with them in Uniquely Me and discover a world you have never know.





Get your copy today!

Get your copy today!

When you hear the word “wise” perhaps your mind is drawn to Mother Theresa, Dr. Maya Angelou, or Steve Jobs.  Well, what about children?  Can they not be wise, too?  An unknown author said it best: “A child can ask questions that a wise man cannot answer.”   Young Voices.  Wise Word: Poems, Essays, and Short Stories captures the wisdom of ten young writers ages six to thirteen years old.  These scribes learned to create various styles of poetry, build effective essays, and even wrote a letter to President Barack Obama.  Dear Reader, I want you to journey through these pages with an open mind and know we can all learn from children.  If so, you’ll discover the wise words coming from these young voices to be quite sound.





Someone Like Me Front Cover 2“Momma was born in the ghetto. It’s where she lived her entire life.  Now, it’s up to me to try and make things right.”  In its second year, the Eastern High School Writing Club breaks all the rules in Someone Like Me: Beautifully Outspoken.  Listen closely and you will hear the joy and pain of the hard-knock life many of the participants live.  Mia, Barbara, Willette, and Ayonna will not not silenced.  These poems written to a  mother on drugs, a brother in jail, or father who just moved to heaven has been necessary therapy to make it just another day.  And they’re making it, y’all…and that’s what makes them so beautiful!





We Got the Power During the 2012-2013 school year, Eastern Senior High School formed its first Slam Team and wrote We Got the Power.  Comprised of ninth and tenth grade students who have neither written nor delivered free verse poetry, they participated in the Louder Than a Bomb (LTAB) Teen Poetry Slam program and tied for third place in the preliminary competition, which is a great accomplishment for a team who has never done this before.  LTAB is sponsored and organized by the DC Youth Slam Team, a program of Split This Rock.  Split This Rock is a nonprofit organization devoted to elevating the role of poets in social and civic life by bringing together a national network of poets and activists using their words to speak for justice and peace.  Way to go, Alexis, Matia, Shayla, and Yasmin!




Secret Closet FrontWithin us all is a hidden place, a place where our hurt, pain, and fear lie. In its dark corners are our bad experiences and decisions that have shaped and fed our lives. It has a terrain so deadly we are often afraid to travel into our own Secret Closet.   Join the poet XO (Alexis Lemons) as she travels with God to face past hurts, disbelief, and addictions that molded who she was.  Experience the great healing power of God painted in emotional poems, self-discovery, free writes, and dynamic songs.  Order here.






Harvey Book Cover“I’ve had some good days
I’ve had some hills to climb
I’ve had some weary days
And some sleepless nights

But when I look around
And I think things over
All of my good days
Outweigh my bad days
I won’t complain.”

Although those words were penned by Paul Jones, Lenard Harvey will tell you on any day it best tells his story.  Orphaned at a young age, this dedicated man of integrity has made his mark in the community he serves and is determined to leave a legacy for generations to come.  Order here.

Do you have a book just waiting to be published?  Well, contact us today and learn how we can bring your story to life, too.

From the Heart Book Cover 2015

“I am a 36-year-old woman. I have been struggling to learn how to read. I have a reading disability called dyslexia. It has been some time that I’ve had dyslexia. I’ve had it all my life as I was learning how to read. Because I have dyslexia, if I do not know a word I will ask someone.”

Eida Hartridge is one of 52 Literacy Volunteers and Advocates adult learners who contributed to this amazing work of poetry and short stories.  It’s Our Time lives up to the meaning of it’s name by showcasing stories of perseverance, triumph, and victory on it’s pages.  What an honor to learn from such wise writers about the many facets of life and how to fully live!



JN Expressions of the Spirit Cover FinalIn July 2011, Jimmy suffered a life-threatening heart disease. He loss complete consciousness and after being resuscitated three times, Jimmy expressed that it was well with his soul if he lived or died. During those brief moments, Jimmy admitted that he was powerless yet was at peace and had a blessed assurance that God was in complete control of his life. Through God’s grace and mercy, Jimmy is alive today and has developed an urgency to do the will of God and to share his gift of poetry with others. Herein these pages lie inspirational poems to not only ponder, but praise!


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