It’s Time to Vocabulize! Vocabulary 127 – 133

We're on our way to China! Yay!

We’re on our way to China! Yay!

Let’s get right down to it! We’re on day 19 and it’s time to Vocabulize!  Click here to see the words you missed on day 18.

Today, you’ll learn words 127 – 133.

We have jumped into the month of April and what a month it is! Presently, I’m at the Toronto Pearson Airport in Toronto, Canada making my way to Beijing China with my four travellers.  If you’ve been following me, you know this day was soon to come.

I’m so very excited about taking this journey. Nevertheless, it’s time to Vocabulize! Today, I’ve even included some definitions!

  1. Idealistic has the same meaning as principled. It means uncompromising.
  2. Estimable has the same meaning as deserving. It means admirable.
  3. Humility has the same meaning as unpretentiousness. It means humbleness.
  4. Ethical has the same meaning as just. It means to be orally inclined.
  5. Enthusiastic has the same meaning as fervent. It means excited.
  6. Motherhood has the same meaning as kinship. It means having or relating to an inherent worthiness, justness, or goodness that is obvious or unarguable.
  7. Motivation has the same meaning as incentive. It means to have drive.

Call to Action

Words, words, and more words! What a feeling of accomplishment. Keep it up. even if you learn just one words a day, you’re making progress! Keep believing in yourself! Keep it moving and continue to #vocabulize!


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