It’s Time to Vocabulize! – Vocabulary 134 – 140

It's time to Vocabulize! Let's learn more new words today!

It’s time to Vocabulize! Let’s learn more new words today!

Ah! You’ve enjoyed a brief break from your studies, right? Well, class is back in session.  Let’s get right down to it! We’re on day 20 and it’s time to Vocabulize!  Click here to see the words you missed on day 19.

Today, you’ll learn words 134 – 140.

It’s Tax Day! Have you filed your taxes? I sure hope so. With life always being an adventure for me (for one reason or another) today your vocabulary words are being taught all the way from Paoli, PA. I had to come here for a business, but will be heading back to MD soon. Nothing like a nice Friday morning drive across a couple of states!

Well, enough about me an my journey. It’s time to Vocabulize! Today, As always, I have a few definitions to aide in your learning.

  1. Oriented has the same meaning as focused. It means to be preoccupied with.
  2. Jovial has the same meaning as jolly. It means to be happy.
  3. Loyalty has the same meaning as devotion. It means faithfulness.
  4. Open has the same meaning as exposed. It means having the interior immediately accessible.
  5. Opinionated has the same meaning as prejudice. It means obstinate or with regard to the merit of one’s own opinions.
  6. Noble has the same meaning as decent. It means honorable.
  7. Kindred has the same meaning as associated. It means to be related to one another.

Call to Action (with a twist!)

By now, you should know just how much I love words! Wouldn’t it be simply wonderful to instill a greater love of words into our children?

I love words! I'm adding more to my list right now.

I love words! I’m adding more to my list right now.

That’s one of my goals with this 2017 words by 2017 campaign. In a very interesting article, “Helping Children Make Progress with Spelling”, C. Temple, et. al, notes, “When children learn to spell, there are at least two kinds of learning going on: discovery learning and memorization. But most children will not learn to spell correctly by discovery alone. Many children, first of all, need guidance to discover spelling patterns: they need words presented to them in groups, and they need to hear us comment upon the spelling patterns. Secondly, children need to be encouraged and taught to memorize the correct spellings of many words.”

I couldn’t agree with them more! For this, and the pure love I feel when I teach, I’m offering a FREE 4-week online group spelling course for five children in the 5th grade.  My experience has taught me that fifth graders on up, who attend my virtual classes, are able to focus better than children in lower grades.

Now that the offer has been made, it’s time for you to act! Send me an email here and sign up for this class! First come first served for the first five serious spellers! Let’s go!

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