It’s Time to Vocabulize! Vocabulary 15 to 21

I love words! Let's learn seven more today.

I love words! Let’s learn seven more today.

It’s day 3 and it’s time to Vocabulize once more!  As I shared in my previous post, I’m celebrating my birthday all year long by teaching 2017 vocabulary by 2017. Today, you’ll learn words 15 – 21.

As we continue to celebrate Women’s History Month, today’s vocabulary are in honor of Wangari Maathai. Wangari Maathai (1940 – 2011 ) was a Kenyan born environmentalist, pro-democracy activist, and women’s rights campaigner. She was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for efforts to prevent conflict through protection of scarce resources. For more information her, click this link.

Now, It’s Time to Vocabulize!

15. Responsibility: obligation; power

16. Reliance: confidence; trust

17. Perceptive: alert; sensitive; wise

18. Jubilant: happy; glad

19. Modesty: humility; constraint

20. Liberal: progressive; flexible; free

21. Temperance: control; sacrifice

Call to Action

I love how you’re maximizing your vocabulary! I have now taught 21 new words over the past three days!  To see what you’ve missed, click here and here.  As always, practice using them in sentences or pay it forward and teach someone else.  Better yet, create a two minute video of yourself, a youngster, or someone you know using each of these words in a sentence. Then, send your video to me ASAP at I’m going to choose the top five videos and share it on my various social media pages and my website.

The star in you awaits unleashing! It’s time to Vocabulize. Go for it!

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