It’s Time to Vocabulize! Vocabulary 85 – 91

Teaching others gives me such great joy!

Teaching others gives me such great joy!

The current trends in language suggest a considerable decline in vocabulary. This may be attributed to the growth of internet slang or failing to recognize the importance of maximizing vocabulary.  There are many great benefits to maximizing vocabulary. Here’s just a few:

Ease of communication. Vocabulary greatly eases communication by shortening word phrases and making them more appealing. This ease in communication makes life simpler and increases our knowledge base. For instance it is generally easier for someone to express their sentence as, “I travelled by plane,” instead of, “I came here by getting on a big metal thing that passed above in the sky”.

Breaks the monotony of everyday language use. As a native speaker of a certain language, you have become accustomed to using the language since you were a young child. Over time, your expressions tend to become repetitive. This could make communication really boring, especially in the event that you have to consistently explain ideas. Through maximizing your vocabulary, you are able to limit repetition and make your communication less monotonous and more interesting.

Now that you know the benefits, it’s day 13 and it’s time to Vocabulize!

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Today, you’ll learn words 85 – 91

As we continue to celebrate Women’s History Month, today’s vocabulary are in honor of Lucille Ball. One of America’s most beloved comedians, Lucille Ball is particularly known for her iconic television show ‘I Love Lucy.’ To read more about her, click this link.

It’s Time to Vocabulize!

85. Benevolent: generous

86. Civility: courtesy; respect

87. Chaste: moral; modest

88. Community: association; brotherhood

89. Vigilant: observant; attentive

90. Refined: classy

91. Jocular: humorous

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