Where Is Your China – Part 4

IMG_1229Be SMART about your goals

We had yet another great call on Tuesday! Last week we discussed the importance of using the SMART method when growing your goals. The SMART method is:

S – Be specific when setting your goals
M – Make sure your goals are measurable
A – Create goals that are achievable
R – Goals should always focus on the best results
T – A decent time frame helps you stay focused on the outcome

On Tuesday, February 23, 2015 at 7:30 pm EST join me for ‘Where Is Your China?’ – Part 4.  Next week we’ll look at the importance of using the DREAM method when consistently working towards your desired outcome.  Oh my!

Look – if you have 18 minutes to invest in yourself, then join me next week. You don’t want to miss this call.

To join the call, dial 1-302-202-1112 and enter code 528011.  Encourage a friend to join the call as well and spread the word because sharing is caring. Thank you.

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