Workplace Education Program

All Native, Inc. participants actively engaged in the lesson

In 2015, after I returned home from teaching English in China, I discovered a growing demand to help children and adults improve both grammar and vocabulary skills.  I addressed this need by tutoring individuals and small groups on almost a daily basis.  To take this a step further, I created a Workplace Education Program for busy professionals.

I understand time restraints first-hand, so through my “Taking the classroom into the boardroom” philosophy, my Workplace Education Program includes learning commonly confused words, vocabulary building skills, and various grammar strengthening exercises and activities.

I facilitated my inaugural three-part Workplace Education Program for All Native, Inc., a qualified provider of managed services in the fields of information technology, comprehensive voice and data communications solutions, professional services, training, operations and management services, at Ft. Belvoir Army Base in Ft. Belvoir, VA.  On Fridays between the month of July and August, we came together for one hour in a most engaging manner to fill in a few learning gaps and discuss practical strategies to improve grammar skills. The outcome of our time together was a huge success!

At the conclusion of each class, attended by an average of 15 people, I conducted an evaluation. Here’s a few of the comments:

All Native, Inc. participants attentively learning


“Wonderful class! We want to have an opportunity to have more classes [like this] in the future.”

“It couldn’t have been any better. I just wish we had more than an hour.”

“What I found most interesting was the various ways to build ones vocabulary.” 

“I enjoyed the activities and games. It was very hands-on and fun!”


Workplace Education Programs are beneficial to both employees and employers.  For employees, it makes great use of free time they have on the job. For employers, it helps them deliver great training at a reasonable cost for a large group of people. For both, it creates an environment where learning is appreciate and supported.

Kimberly teaching commonly confused words

If you would like to host a Workplace Education Program at your office or business, please complete the form below.  Thank you.

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